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WOOD SENSATION more with wood

Since 2013, Eric and Fraukje van Est, introduced Wood Sensation to the market. It may not sound very exciting, a company specialized in wooden floors, furniture and accessories. Yet there is more to this process. Eric indicates that the secret of Wood Sensation is that we make colourfans of oil. By processing various wooden planks in a stylish fan, we show the customers the range at a glance. Fraukje also works with wood and devises and makes various wood creations. Think of vases, wooden flowers, coasters and clocks. The wooden items can be seen and are sold at Orderchamp, Faire, Ankerstore and the Makers van Bergen op Zoom. Do you want to know more about Wood Sensation? Check facebook (Wood Sensation), insta (wood_sensation) or LinkedIn (Wood Sensation Customized in Wood) or send an email to info@woodsensation.com.

Wood in every taste, style and wish

Together with the Wood Sensation team, we ensure that floors, furniture, samples and laser work are delivered properly and neatly to our customers. As a joke, we sometimes say, "Wood is good" or "Wood lays good." Wood, wood, wood is what you see, smell and taste here every day. The work is carried out with a lot of passion and that results in a true 'Wood Sensation'.


Stylish enjoying wood in your house

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